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Reckon和IPA合作推行“云计算” 澳大利亚会计软件供应商Reckon与澳大利亚公共会计师协会(IPA)合作,推出首个会员云计算解决方案。 据IPA执行总裁安德鲁康威称,该合作旨在加速企业向云端迁移,尤其旨在提升中小企业(SME)的生产力。 康威先生表示,首创的行业合作伙伴关系将通过利用云端来提高生产力和推动增长,从而为客户提供更佳的体验。 由于IPA成员的深入反馈,该战略举措将推出IPA Books +,这是Reckon旗舰云计算解决方案Reckon One的白标签。康威先生表示,超过35,000名IPA为中小企业提供服务的成员现在可以使用简单且价格合理的在线会计软件,使他们的业务更容易运营。 康威表示,“迁移到云端是我们许多成员及其客户在未来一年的关注焦点,因为他们希望能够应对下一阶段的业务增长。 与Reckon的合作关系令人兴奋。它将实现多种益处,包括远程工作以及随时随地访问实时业务关键数据(如现金流)的能力。 正如澳大利亚小企业和家庭企业监察专员最近的报告所显示的那样,45%的小企业尚未采用在线会计解决方案。随着Single Touch Payroll(STP)的出现,现在是实行IPA Books +的时候了,这是一个单一、可靠、全面的解决方案。” Reckon执行官总裁Sam Allert表示,云计算合作伙伴关系“首先是一个令人兴奋的行业,因为我们调整业务的战略重点并继续更好地支持澳大利亚的中小企业”。 其次通过采用Reckon One强大的技术及同领先的成员组织合作,我们提供包括培训、开发、活动和支持在内的独特超越技术的解决方案。 向云计算过渡将使IPA成员能够实现大量管理工作的自动化。这使他们能够专注于更高价值的任务,例如咨询服务,这无疑将开启新的收入来源和增长机会。” Allert先生还表示,与所有Reckon产品一样,IPA Books +也可用于澳大利亚税务局的Single Touch Payroll报告要求。 在2019年7月1日之前,有超过60万名拥有19名或更少员工的小型企业有望统一云计算,这为两个组织提供了“巨大的机会”。 Reckon and IPA partner on ‘cloud’accounting AUSTRALIAN accounting software provider Reckon has joined forces with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA),to launch a member first cloud accounting solution. The partnership is aiming to accelerate businesses’migration to the cloud and,in particular,boost small to medium sized enterprises (SME)productivity,according to IPA chief executive officer Andrew Conway. Mr Conway said the first-of-its-kind industry partnership would empower to deliver a greater customer experience by leveraging the cloud to bolster productivity and fuel growth. Launched as a result of in-depth feedback from IPA members,the strategic move will see the introduction of IPA Books+,a white labelled version of Reckon’s flagship cloud accounting solution Reckon One.Mr Conway said more than 35,000members of IPA –who are mostly either servicing SMEs or small businesses in their own right –will now have access to simple and affordable online accounting software to make running their business easier. “Moving to the cloud is a key focus for many of our members and their clients over the coming year,as they look to tackle the next phase of business growth,”Mr Conway said. “The partnership with Reckon is an exciting one.It will enable a myriad of benefits including remote working and the ability to access real-time business-critical data such as cash flow at anytime,anywhere. “As recent reports from the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman has revealed,a staggering 45percent of small businesses are yet to adopt online accounting solutions.With the advent of Single Touch Payroll,the time has come for IPA Books+,a single,reliable,comprehensive solution,”Mr Conway said. Reckon CEO Sam Allert said the he cloud accounting partnership was “an exciting industry first,as we align our business’strategic priorities and continue to better support SMEs across Australia”. “By taking the powerful technology of ReckonOne and partnering with a leading member focused organisation,we are delivering a unique solution that goes beyond technology to include training,development,events and support,”Mr Allert said. “The transition to the cloud will enable IPA members to automate a great deal of administrative work.This frees them up to focus on higher value tasks such as advisory services,which will no doubt open new revenue streams and growth opportunities.” Mr Allert said,as with all Reckon products,IPA Books+was also enabled for the Australian Taxation Office’s Single Touch Payroll reporting requirement. Mr Allert said with more than 600,000small businesses with 19or less employees looking to get compliant by July 1,2019,this presented “a massive opportunity for both organisations”. ends
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