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导读:澳大利亚公共会计师协会(IPA)祝贺IPA成员Rachel Grimes FIPA FFA被任命为会计专业和道德标准委员会(APESB)董事。
IPA祝贺RACHEL GRIMES到任APESB 2019年2月4日 澳大利亚公共会计师协会(IPA)祝贺IPA成员Rachel Grimes FIPA FFA被任命为会计专业和道德标准委员会(APESB)董事。 IPA执行总裁Andrew Conway表示“IPA非常高兴能够提名Grimes女士担任此职位。作为国际会计师联合会IFAC)的前任主席,Grimes女士是一个决佳选择,她将把重要的技能和经验带去APESB。 我有幸在Grimes女士担任IFAC前任职务时与她共事过,毫无疑问,Rachel的丰富经验和才能将为在会计行业中扮演重要角色的APESB带来许多好处。 值得注意的是,Grimes女士不仅作为国际舞台的专业代表,她的会计和金融服务背景也为APESB表带来了重要经验。 此外,Grimes女士是多元化的坚定倡导者,与IPA的文化和战略相吻合。我们非常自豪Grimes可以成为我们IPA家族的一员。 我很高兴Rachel将加入Kevin Osborne FIPA FFA作为IPA在APESB上的第二个提名者,我非常有信心他们将继续代表该职业达到最高水平。 IPA继续大力支持APESB及其在标准制定中的重要性,并确保该专业保持其最高道德水平。这对于专业人士和公众所服务的人来说都是必不可少的要素。 Andrew Conway FIPA FFA IPA CONGRATULATES RACHEL GRIMES TO APESB POSITION 4February 2019 The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)has congratulated IPA member,Rachel Grimes FIPA FFA,for her appointment as director to the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board APESB. “The IPA was very pleased to have nominated Ms Grimes for the position.As past president of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)Ms Grimes is an excellent selection who brings significant skills and experience to APESB,”said IPA chief executive officer,Andrew Conway. “I have had the pleasure of working with Ms Grimes in her former IFAC role and there is no doubt,Rachel will bring many benefits,through her vast experience and talents,to APESB which plays such an important role within the accounting profession. “It is worthy to note that not only has Ms Grimes represented the profession on the global stage,her accounting and financial services background brings significant experience to the APESB table. “In addition,Ms Grimes is a strong advocate for diversity which sits well with the culture and strategy of the IPA,and we are very proud to have her as part of the IPA family. “I am very pleased that Rachel will be joining Kevin Osborne FIPA FFA as the IPA’s second nominee on APESB and I am extremely confident that they will continue to represent the profession at its highest level. “The IPA has continued to strongly support APESB and the importance of its role in standard setting and ensuring the profession maintains its highest level of ethics;essential elements for the good of the profession and the public it serves,”said Mr Conway. Andrew Conway FIPA FFA
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