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点击下载附件 公共会计师协会(IPA)已向政府提交先期预算相关文件,敦促在一系列政策方面采取行动,尤其是真正的全面税制改革。 IPA首席执行官Andrew Conway说:“我们的先期预算提交与澳大利亚小企业白皮书密切配合,提出了许多支持该行业生产力和增长的建议。 除非澳大利亚能够遏制萎靡不振的生产力水平,否则经济将继续下滑,目前的生活水平将会受到影响。 如果改革得当,税收只是刺激经济增长的一个领 目前我们看到政府和反对派的税收政策建议完全不同,如果要进行真正、大胆的税制改革,我们至少需要所有各方站在同一阵线上。 委员会需要让政府和反对党围绕税收进行强有力的对话。 所有澳大利亚人民都需要站出来,把公共利益放在政治和自身利益之上。 我们将继续对陷入僵局和令人失望税制改革发声。” Andrew Conway先生还提到:“逐步改革方法并不理想,甚至会对长期改革有害。” 有关IPA先期预算的更多信息,请访问:http://ow.ly/2isH30nFeeu,或点击文章首行下载附件。 IPA PRE-BUDGET SUBMISSION –TIME TO GET SERIOUS WELL OVERDUE The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)has submitted its pre-Budget submission to government urging for action on an array of policy fronts;in particular,the need for genuine and holistic tax reform. “Our pre-Budget submission is closely aligned with our Australian Small Business White Paper with many recommendations to support the productivity and growth of the sector,”said IPA chief executive officer,Andrew Conway. “Unless Australia can stem the tide of the flagging productivity levels,our economy will continue to decline and our current living standards will suffer accordingly. “Taxation is just one area that can stimulate economic growth if done correctly. “Currently we are seeing tax policy proposals from the Government and the Opposition which are quite disparate and we need all parties to be at least roughly on the same page if true and bold tax reform is to take place. “The community needs to give the Government and Opposition to have the robust conversation on tax that is required. “All Australians need to stand up and put the public interest ahead of political and self-interest. “We will continue to voice our disappointment and frustration with the stalled tax reform process. “A piecemeal approach is sub-optimal and may even prove harmful to long term reform,”said Mr Conway. For more information on the IPA’s pre-Budget submission go to:http://ow.ly/2isH30nFeeu
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